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Ebay Motors was founded along with Ebay Inc. on September 5th, 1995. Sure, it seemed like a great idea! Why not add an online market for everything, including cars? Well, it went downhill from there. Now, I am not putting down Ebay nor Ebay Motors, but rather the problems that come with the use of the company and also its faults. Sure, it is a great service for most, but one small mistake can land you in a heap of legal and financial trouble.

Well Ebay Motors really has the biggest fault that regular Ebay does not: transportation of purchased goods. If you buy a car in California but you live in NY, how are you getting that car back home? Surely you aren’t going to fly there and drive the car back! Instead, you would hire a car transportation service. You often see those big trucks on the roads carrying a bunch of cars loaded on the trailer, usually going to and from dealerships. However, there are multiple types of trucks depending on how well you want your car protected.

If you bought a Ferrari F430, you would want a closed-type car transporter. These are the large trucks that have what looks like a regular trailer on the back, but very low to the ground. These trucks are designed to protect your car in every way possible. These are also the most expensive types of trucks.

The major problem is money. If you have your PayPal account tied to your bank or credit card account, and you buy that car on Ebay, you may not have sufficient funds to do so. If you use a credit card, you may hit your debt limit, but it still may go through and the person who sold you the car will only get a small amount of the actual price. Then you have some serious issues, especially if you knew you did not have all of the money. Now you face legal charges for stealing.

Sure, you can find rare and very nice cars on Ebay. However, you cannot inspect the car, or even inspect the person selling the car! You have no idea, you are simply going by word and maybe some pictures. Usually, there is a no-return policy. So if you think you bought a great car that turns out to be a rust bucket….tough luck! Only if the seller lied on the listing, either listing the car as new or in great shape when it wasn’t are you protected by the lemon laws.

Instead of Ebay Motors, stay local and try AOL Autos or Yahoo Autos, where you can find what you are looking for locally, and inspect the car yourself. You can even test drive it!