As Forza Motorsport 4’s October 11th launch date gets closer, you’re probably starting to daydream about what cars and tracks will be available in the game. We’ve already told you about a few in some previous News articles, and you’ve probably already seen our Preorder Cars, but there’s a lot more coming. What else can you expect to see? Forza Garage is going to be the place where you’ll hear about which of your favorite cars will be returning to Forza 4, as well as all of the incredible cars that are brand new to the world of Forza Motorsport. Starting today with the launch of the Forza Garage series, we’ll be giving you a peek at the amazing stable of cars and lineup of tracks—but how many cars you’ll get to preview is going to be up to you.

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How’s it going to work? Each day, the Turn 10 team will be announcing a number of Forza Garage cars onFacebook and Twitter. Then we’ll take a look at the community response (that is, the number of comments, Facebook reposts, and re-Tweets), and we’ll add more cars to the Forza Garage announcements—but only if you guys are excited enough. Everyone here at Turn 10 is pretty sure you’ll want to tell your friends all about the newest FM4 content, so make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter to find out about it all first.

If you missed the Facebook and Twitter announcements throughout the week, don’t worry; each Thursday, we’ll have a roundup of all the Forza Garage cars, plus any track reveals we can give you and (if you’re really lucky) a feature article on a particularly special car. All of the crew here at Turn 10 are really proud of the cars and tracks we’ve been able to put in the game, and so we can’t wait to share them all with you.

Today, we’re flipping open the doors of the Forza Garage to show you some special rides. First, up is a car that is new to Forza 4, but one that you’ve definitely heard of before. You might even have a poster of it up on your wall. It’s the peerless Mclaren F1, to this day the fastest naturally aspirated car in the world, and one of the most beautiful ever made. The next Forza Garage reveal is a returning favorite, the drop-top Ferrari California. As one of the most exciting grand tourers around, it’s great to drive and even better to look at. Without any further ado, here’s more information about them:

1993 McLaren F1


The engine compartment is lined with gold. The driver’s seat is located in the center of the car. More than twenty years after it was first introduced, it’s still the fastest naturally aspirated car in the world. That’s why when most people are asked to name the greatest road car ever built, the McLaren F1 is what instantly springs to mind. It should; the F1 was designed and built to be just that, with no expense spared and no compromises made. The brainchild of Gordon Murray, a renowned designer of innovative racecars, the McLaren F1 defied conventional thinking by pioneering such technologies as a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis weighing just 220 lbs., a first for a road car. Backed up by a highly modified BMW V12 making 627 horsepower, the F1 is as fast as it was expensive—nearly a million dollars when new. While being fast would have been enough to drop jaws, the F1 is also an eminently drivable car—so much so that the F1, which was never intended to race at all, was modified slightly and went on to win the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans race outright. Only 64 were made, so don’t expect to see one in your nearest used car lot.

2009 Ferrari California


When Ferrari decided to create a new drop-top grand touring car, they revived the California moniker from fast convertibles of years past and introduced a Ferrari first: a retractable hardtop that allows for high-speed cruising, rain or shine. Another innovation for Ferrari is the engine, which debuts a direct-injection system that allows for higher compression, meaning more power and better fuel economy. It’s essentially the same V8 that’s found in the F430 coupe, but the California puts it up front, behind the axle for superior handling and packaging. The California is no slouch, because with 454 horsepower on tap it can hit 62 mph in less than four seconds. Enhancing the experience is the first example of Ferrari’s new dual-clutch 7-speed transaxle, which knocks out shifts in a matter of microseconds. It’s all designed for one purpose—to cross beautiful wide open spaces at a rapid clip, comfortable in a luxuriously hand-crafted interior sporting the finest leather, with a retractable roof to allow you to enjoy the sunshine and the throaty burble of the exhaust. Of course, since it’s still a Ferrari you can zip from apex to apex while exploring the 8,000 RPM rev limit, all the while knowing that the carbon ceramic brakes can haul the California down from speed in an instant.

We’re also excited to announce that the following trio of fine machinery will be returning to the Forza Garage’s exciting Italian wing:

  • 2009 Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent
  • 2008 Lamborghini Reventon
  • 1995 Ferrari F50

That’s it for now. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter everyday next week for more Forza Garage announcements, and look for the next Thursday roundup for a possible track announcement.

And remember, the bigger the response we get to Forza Garage announcements on Facebook and Twitter, the more cars we’ll be able to tell you about!