The Aston Martin DBS will head up the marque’s revised DB range and it’s been caught testing in Germany.

These spy shots show the revamped, albeit very camouflaged, DBS that will spearhead Aston Martin’s revised family of DB9 supercars. The DBS is scheduled to launch in 2012 but the prototype seen here also reveals secrets of the ‘regular’ DB9. Perhaps one of the most noticeable parts of any Aston, the grille, has been revised, as have the bumpers, the sides and the cockpit. These changes are aimed at keeping the already eight-year-old car fresh until the all-new model arrives in 2015 or 2016.


The changes are subtle, although the grille is one of the most notable of them. The curved, ‘60s-style grille has made way for a more contemporary design, while a few touches of One-77 are aimed at moving the car away from the elegant look established in 2003 and towards the more futuristic look of the One-77.

The DBS’ hood is much more sculpted and features only two cooling vents, but another notable change is seen at the side. It features deep, concave surfaces, also inspired by the One-77. The interior will be more conventional but it will still be revised (its said that the speedometer and the rev counter will still rotate counter-clockwise though).

Mechanically the car remains the same, although Aston ought to squeeze around 15kW more out of the DBS’ six-liter V12 powerplant, bringing the total to around 470kW.