With 15 years spent serving America’s forces, the Ford Crown Victoria Police car will retire.The last Crown Victoria Police Interceptor will come off the assembly line in September this year and it leaves departments all over the United States with a big question: “What’s the next Police car?”

According to the over-seas Police officials, the next Interceptor car must be V8 powered and rear-wheel drive, but also V6 ones which have an all-wheel drive system can be taken into consideration. The new Interceptor has to be a big sedan, with the ability to carry passengers and gear. The Police car’s back seat has to accommodate more than one person and gear of different size and shape has to fit in the trunk. Police officials are also taking into consideration reliability, the cheap and easy maintenance, and let’s not forget the back seats comfort, which is not a priority. Until the US forces will get a new vehicle we would like to make them some suggestions, like the new Shelby Tuatara, but tax payers money will be wasted.