All terrain vehicle, 8-wheeler

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An all terrain vehicle (ATV) keeps on scaling different terrains, no matter where you take it. You might be wondering at times what enables your ATV to conquer even the most difficult terrains. Well, this purpose is fulfilled by Limited Slip Differentials (LSDs) which have an intricate mechanism. The way these components work is explained in lines that follow.

One may not encounter such requirement during normal usage as the standard differential produces enough torque for normal roads. A standard differential cannot provide requisite torque to a vehicle to move on difficult terrains. At the same time, LSD comes pretty handy in such scenarios.

A clutch type LSD is most widely used type of LSD. The clutch and spring system present in it makes it stand apart from rest types of LSDs. The intricate construction of this system happens to have a profound impact on movement of entire vehicle.

Side gears are pushed against clutches by the spring pack. Gears keep on spinning with the cage with which clutches are attached. The clutches resist rotation of one wheel at a faster rate than the other. The clutches do not come into picture during normal operation of a vehicle.

It is possible that a wheel gets stuck in an awkward position in a rough terrain. In this scenario, engine of the vehicle has to provide traction to pull the vehicle out of the sticky situation. The torque generated by it must be enough to overcome that of spring system of clutch type LSD.

The amount of torque which needs to be supplied to overpower clutches is dependent on stiffness of their springs. Higher the stiffness of these springs, higher would be the torque required for this purpose. Friction can also result in significant increase of this torque and ought to be controlled.

The break-in period of a clutch has to be given due consideration as well. Manufacturers tend to issue instructions in this regard which ought to be referred for smooth operation. Not following the same can lead to uncomfortable operation and irreparable damage as well.

It is essential that servicing of the clutch type Limited Slip Differentials is performed at regular intervals. This essentially helps in removal of metal particles and other such stuff that result in jamming of this system. Replacement of oil is recommended at every seventy thousand miles or close to one hundred thousand kilometers.