In a recent interview conducted by Auto Motor und Sport with Bugatti President and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer, the latter has confirmed that the new Bugatti flagship will be scheduled to go on sale in the fall of 2012.

This latest timeline is much closer to previous rumors that have been widely reported in the past, including one that pegged a production date of sometime in 2013. Full details behind the car – it’s tentatively called the Galibier, although it’s reported to be designated as the’Royale’ – are still being withheld, but you can expect it to be as powerful as any four-door luxury sedan the market has ever seen.

“The car has a much higher value that the Veyron, with lot of trunk volume and a four-seat plus one configuration,” Durheimer said. “We are taking into consideration various scenarios, from 500, to even 1,000 or 1,500 units produced.”

The Galibier is expected to take the reigns from the Veyron as the latter ends its production in the tail end of 2012. Though not as powerful as the mighty supercar, the Galibier is still no slouch by any measure with a rumored output of 850 horsepower. That much performance will most definitely cost more than just an arm-and-a-leg and it’s looking to fetch a price tag in the vicinity of $1.5 million.

Anybody who’s interested in the Galibier will have at least a year to save up and break the bank. It won’t be cheap, so it might be best to start as early as you can, right?