Car: Spyker C8 LM85
Class: A mid engined RWD
Racing Style: Circuit short-med tracks
created by: andymac3077
Price: 5000
Easiest way to find in SF: search A class and its 5th car down from in the most downloaded

Speed: 6.4
Handling: 6.3
Acceleration: 6.5
launch: 7.8
Braking: 6.4

HP: 426
Torque: 377lbs ft
Weight: 2782bs
Drivetrain: RWD
Power RPM: 6800
Torque RPM: 3500
Redline RPM: 7500
No of gears: 6
Front weight: 43%

Well since I happen to have a 5 day long weekend due to holidays I decided to put in a review and in this case Im taking a look at the Spyker LM85

So the Spyker C8 family started off in 2000 as a two seater mid engine sports car with newer and modified models popping up over the years. The LM85 was released in 2009 as a limited edition C8 with only 24 being produced. It was heavily based on the Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R racecar but modified for road use. Despite this the LM85 still shared the luxurious interior found in many Spykers.

So in FM3 the LM85 made its appearance in the popular Exotic car pack. It probably one of the more popular cars in the pack it being a gift car a while back but I still feel that the car is underated as I rarely if not ever hear much of it or see many LM85s in lobbies. It’s a fairly expensive car at 260k but thankfully T10 made it a gift car during the release of the Exotic car pack.

So onto the tune I decided Im going to take a look at a pure handling setup for the Spyker. Its PI at a glance shows that the Spyker is very strong in the handling department with 6.3 handling and 6.4 braking to boot. This does come with a price however which is rather low speed and acceleration at 6.4 and 6.5 respectively, you will find the Spykers lifespan to be limited on the straights.

So during my testruns in the LM85 I found the tune to be very well planted on the road. You can put a lot of force into the throttle without the LM85 braking loose compared to the typical A class RWD. I wasn’t to keen when going over curbs however and I found to the car to dislike highspeed bumps like Camino extreme R during a flying lap on the first turn. When testing the cars stability I did find the car to be noticeably less stable at highspeeds if throwing the car into a turn at around 130mph ish. The LM85s turn in is pretty good though its as long as your in the right gear as being too high will result in a bit of understeer. In terms of speed the Spyker is far from a missile. Its quite underpower compared to many cars so expect it to fall behind on the straights in most cases. As a result this car is a home in the shorter tracks where its very strong handling comes into play. The Spyker is powered by a V8 producing 426 to the two rear wheels. It will go from 0-60mph within 3.7 seconds, 0-100mph in 9.3 seconds and its speed tops out at 174mph

Spyker lap times

Iberian Full R – #583 / 356,752 – 00:51.435

Camino Extreme R – #897 / 288,937 – 02:39.151

Fujimi Kaido – #388 / 651,736 – 07:57.435

Rally di positano – #135 / 553,832 – 05:58.718

Ladera Full R – #431 / 225,817 – 00:49.574 (New PB)

So my overall verdict is that the Spyker is a solid RWD in terms of handling. The car possesses very strong grip levels and is very easy to drive although it doesn’t like curbs or bumps that often and its lacks power compared to most A classers. Its also expensive and require DLC. Overall it’s a very nice car but expect it to struggle on the longer tracks.