Car: Lotus Carlton

Class: C RWD

Racing Style: Circuit long tracks

created by: FCC

Price: not in storefront

Speed: 6.8
Acceleration: 5.9
launch: 5.7

HP: 401
Torque: 445 lbs ft
Weight: 3828 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Alrighty for this review Im going to take a look at one of the less well off cars in the world of FM3, the Infamous Lotus Carlton

So the lotus carlton has always been one of my all time favourite cars mainly because of how insane it was during its debut in the late 80s-early 90s. When it was released people went crazy as it appeared to look like an ordinary 4-door family Saloon but when you take a look at whats under the bonnet your find that this is not the typical sedan, it was a V6 powered monster. The Carlton was heavily disliked by many safety groups and the police as a result. Production of the Lotus Carlton began in 1990, four years after the original Carlton went on sale. Opel had hoped to build 1,100 cars in total, but owing to the recession of the early 1990s, the £48,000 cars were not selling as well as anticipated and production at Lotus was halted in December 1992. Only 950 cars were completed: 320 Carltons and 630 Omegas, 150 short of the original target.

So in forza , the carlton sadly struggles to make the big name for itself, its got decent speed but it is sadly is no lemans destroyer. Handling was the big issue for this beast, as the handling is pretty odd for this car. It is pretty popular for drifting however but as Im no drifter, I wanted to try and find a speed tune for this car (as I hate the aero). It was difficult finding a solid tune for this car as I couldn’t get any good results out of it but thankfully, the FCC a group who used to be around on FMnet who would give away free tuned cars every so often were giving away speed tuned C class Carltons. I decided to give it a shot and although the Carlton is no S5 on the track, it would produce some decent times on the track and much easier to drive than what I was finding on the SF.

So onto the tune glancing at the PI the carlton is not much different from the stock Carlton. 6.8 speed is impressive and 5.9 in acceleration C class is immence, however the Carlton doesn’t come without its big downsides and in that case the Carlton suffers in the handling department with 5.0 handling and 4.9 braking which is rather insignificant for C class.

On the track the Carlton thanks to it power is very dominant on the straights. On the turns the Carlton grips well and is more stable on the road than one would think and little throttle control to keep the car on the go. It does however feel very heavy and boatlike, kinda like the handling on shift 2 unleashed where you never feel confident on flooring it with the throttle. The Carltons main weaknesses in its home territory is that there are many better handling speed cars out there in C class limiting the Carltons usefulness as a competative car. I did find the carlton to have strong turn in especially on long sweepers during my test run around the nurburgring . The Carlton is powered by a 3.6 litre V6 engine which produces a mighty 401 horse power. It will accelerate from 0-60mph within 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of around 178mph. The carlton performs best around Nurburgring, Sunset club and on le mans full. Outside of it I found the car to struggle due to its low handling.

Lotus Carlton lap times

Nurburgring – 08:27.413
Sunset club R –  01:05.083
Sunset club –  01:05.009
Le mans full –  04:41.799

Its overall a fairly good tune for the carlton as its quick fun and fairly easy to drive. Its not the fastest car, however its cheap and a lot of fun around the Nurburgring. The Carlton in FM3 is tricky car to master but is ever so rewarding when you pull over the finish line to victory.

thank you for reading