Functioning of the rack and pinion.

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Movement of rear-wheeled cars as well as that of pick-up trucks can be attributed to ring and pinion. These two components enable these vehicles moving forward and backward and trucks haul goods. Grooves, with which these components come in contact with each other, have an important role in determining a vehicle’s power. Following lines help in understanding how ring & pinion gears work.

The operation of this gear system is pretty intricate. Having some knowledge of its construction is necessary for understanding its working. This system works in tandem with drive shaft, to which it is connected. Power and movement generated by engine is transferred to this gearassembly via drive shaft.

One has to understand that size of a pinion gear varies with the type of vehicle in question. It can be anywhere between two and four inches diameter. Its shape resembles that of a trapezoid cone or a tepee cut from near its top. Machine grooves are generally provided along its outside edges.

This gear is connected with ring gear at a ninety degree angle. This baroque construction helps in transfer of engine movement to the rearwheels in a suitable manner. Rear-wheel driven cars, pick-up trucks etc are able to move only due to such construction.

A ring gear is remarkably larger than its counterpart. Its diameter is of the order of six inches to twelve inches. Compatibility between these two components of a gear system has to be ensured for smooth driving. Suitable measures are put in place for achieving this purpose.

A metal housing, known as differential gearbox, keeps this gear system in its place. A bearing is made use of in order to serve a couple of purposes. The primary purpose of this bearing is reduction in friction and keeping two components of this system in contact.

This type of construction is also witnessed in revolving doors and shelves. Role of the engine is taken up by a central shaft and that of rear wheels is taken up by outer portion. The transfer of movement between central shaft and outer portion is made possible with this gear system only.

Use of heavy gear oil is made to lubricate different parts which come into contact. Smooth function of the system is ensured in this way. This information regarding how ring & pinion gears work will help you to understand the way underlying systems make a vehicle move.

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