Car: Lancia 037

Class: C RWD

Racing Style: Circuit short-meduim tracks

created by: HMRT

easiest way to find in SF: search C class tunes and highest rated 2nd highest

Price: free Very Happy

Speed: 5.3
Acceleration: 5.4
launch: 6.5

HP: 272
Torque: 223 lbs ft
Weight: 2229 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Well for this review I decided to review a tune for one of the 3 ultimate edition exclusives the lancia 037.

The 037 was a mid-engine rally car built by Lancia in the early 1980s purely for the FIA Group B World Rally Championship. Driven by Markku Alén, Attilio Bettega, and Walter Röhrl, the car won Lancia the manufacturers’ world championship in the 1983 season.

So in forza the lancia 037 when announced it would make an appearance, I was looking forward to it however T10 decided to shut the front doors and put the lancia in the ultimate edition excusively Though It could be realseased as DLC in the future. I eventaully got the Ultimate edition and didn’t really pay much attention to the lancia until a RWD tune that looked promising popped up in the marketplace. There was meant to be a RWD Lancia Stratos to come out as well but due to the message issue it hast came out yet.

So onto the tune when glancing at its PI the 037 is more geared towards short tracks. 5.3 speed isnt too much but 5.3 accel is decent. Its handling/braking isnt much different from the usual at a glance. It also has unusually high launch for a RWD at 6.5

So at a glace it doesnt look like anything out of the ordinary in terms of PI, however on the track it is a complete monster, up there with the NSXs in my opinion. On the track the lancia has a odd feel on the road. It grips very well and likes to oversteer no its very managable and can even be taken advantage as I can take around turns especaily long curved turns such as those encountered on maple valley a lot quicker than most cars. It also enters turns very well. The lancia is further backed up by its acceleration which is pretty high when I compared it to some of my other C classes. The Lancia is definetly a 4WD beater as it can produce some very nice laptimes. The 037 is powered by a 4-cylinder which give out 272 horese to the 2 rear wheels. It will accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds. Its top speed however is only 154 which limits its effectiveness for longer tracks. The lancia is very strong on a big variety of tracks, from fujimi kaido to camino viejo. Only main issues is its oversteer at very high speeds.

Lancia 037 times –
Iberian R – #312 – 00:55.225
Camino viejo R – #799 – 01:09.104
Camino extreme – #258 – 02:51.102
rally di positano – #153 – 06:18.373

Its overall a very impressive car that will even give 4WDs the run for thier money. Only main issues is the low speed, its high speed stability and the very steep requirement to get it (forza ultimate disk 2 install and 255K CR). Other than that its a very formidible and fun ride that I would say is a must have if you can get it