Whether you’re a young professional or a lush business owner, the economy affects our decision to purchase a new car more than we care to admit.

 Luxury cars are especially pricey, but, fortunately, new eco-friendly car trends can save consumers some serious cash over the long run. When purchasing a car with one of these eco-friendly features, make sure that whoever you’re doing business with has met the necessary insurance,auto dealer bond and other licensing requirements to guarantee that your investment is protected.

One of the most exciting trends that’s been impacting the auto industry is the use of shutters, which are window treatments situated between the grill and radiator. Shutters increase a car’s aerodynamics and fuel mileage. When they’re closed, the car disrupts and traps less air, which can increase fuel mileage about two percent. Cars control shutters electronically. Currently the Chevy Cruze Eco and Ford Focus are implementing these shutters in their cars, as are select European BMW models.

Believe it or not, turbocharged engines are making a comeback with a new purpose. Once all about performance, the initial goal behind turbocharged engines was to create extra horsepower to produce faster cars. These days, however, car manufacturers are using turbos to increase gas mileage by getting more performance out of smaller engines. Something to note is that most car manufacturers aren’t putting a special marketing emphasis on these turbocharged engines. So owners of some cars, such as the Cruze Evo mentioned above, might not realize that their 40mpg fuel mileage was achieved with the help of a turbocharged engine.

Move over hybrids and electric cars, hydrogen cars are on the rise. No longer just for use in space rockets, hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity, their only emissions being heat and water. The growing popularity of hydrogen powered cars can be attributed to the fact that they do not pollute the environment in any way. Hydrogen cars are both eco-friendly and efficient because the water and heat produced power the heating system, windows washers and many other things.