Car: Corvette C1
Class: C RWD
Racing Style: Circuit med tracks
created by: FLT EROC
Price: 10000
Easiest way to find in SF: search C for the C1 and its currently sixth car down from highest rated. Also can be found easily in most recent

Speed: 5.4
Handling: 5.2
Acceleration: 5.9
launch: 5.5
Braking: 5.2

HP: 338
Torque: 315lbs ft
Weight: 2670bs
Drivetrain: RWD
Power RPM: 6500
Torque RPM: 4700
Redline RPM: 6500
No of gears: 4
Front weight: 55%

So I was looking through my review the other day while updating the index I noticed Im yet to do a Corvette so I decided to start off with the first gen Corvette the C1.

So the C1 was introduced late in the 1953 model year and produced through 1962. It is commonly referred to as the “solid-axle” generation, as the independent rear suspension didn’t appear until the 1963 Sting Ray. The Corvette was rushed into production for its debut model year to capitalize on the enthusiastic public reaction to the concept vehicle, but expectations for the new model were largely unfulfilled. Reviews were mixed and sales fell far short of expectations through the car’s early years. The program was nearly canceled, but Chevrolet would ultimately stay the course and Harley Earl and company would transform the Corvette into a true world-class sports car.

So in FM3 the C1 is probably one of the hardest Muscle cars to tune due to it simply lacking stats. Unlike most muscle cars which got their chance to shine in the Muscle car hopper the C1 was to old to enter due to the year requirements (1968-1980 I think it was). Its fairly expensive at 120k and starts off with I think the lowest handling out of any car in the game. It takes up a lot of PI to upgrade the handling which only maxes out at 5.4 handling and 5.6 braking respectively. It also struggle in terms of speed as many muscle cars got a nice boost in terms of top speed from the race transmission while the C1 remains around the same. As a result the C1 is most commonly seen as a drift car in FM3.

So onto the tune I was going to try the C1 a while back but couldn’t find a decent setup for so I gave it a few months and eventaully found a great setup in C class. When you look at its PI the Corvette has a very nice 5.9 acceleration which is a heap for C class. It does however have 5.4 speed which limits this cars effectiveness for the longer straights. Handling is a muscle cars nemesis and the C1 is no different only packing 5.2 for both braking and handling which is fairly low for C.

On the track you would expect the C1 to struggle it being a RWD muscle car with fairly poor stats with the exception of acceleration. On the track the C1 surprisingly copes well in terms of how it handles. The C1 has very nice responsive turn in when going into turns. When coming out of turns there can be oversteer resulting in the tail coming out so you will want some throttle control for most turns. For slower corners you will want quite a bit of throttle control until the car is in the right direction but for long sweepers a lot less throttle control is needed prevent the tail from coming out. For stability the C1 despite lack of aero upgrades copes well until around the 140mph mark where throwing this car into highspeed turns becomes risky. So the speed department the C1s acceleration does most of the talking as it will prove to be very dominant compare to most cars at lower speeds but its low top speed will hurt it on longer straights. I found the Corvette to perform best on suzuka west but it can be used on new york and Silverstone national to some effect. Its low speed does mean the amount of tracks this car is effective on is shallow. The V8 under the bonnet packs a mighty 338 bhp and it will go from 0-60mph 4.3 seconds , 0-100mph within 10.3 seconds and a top speed of 155.9 according to the benchmark. The car also runs on a 4-speed manual transmission similar to most muscle cars.

Corvette C1 times –

Suzuka West – #717 / 136,420 – 01:25.336 (New PB)

New York R – #251 / 29,829 – 01:07.72 (New PB)

New York – #329 / 77,481 – 01:08.310 (New PB)

Silverstone National – #981 / 805,289 – 01:02.039

Sidewinder D – #271 / 3,634 – 00:51.583 (New PB)

Well to sum it up despite its numerous difficulties the C1 vette still copes well in the world of FM3. The cars acceleration will give many cars the run for their money but its low speed really limits this cars effectiveness for longer tracks. Its also a fun and exciting car to drive but expensive at 120k. Overall I really like the car capable a very nice times and a very nice sound from its V8.

Thanks for reading

For my next review at some point there will be at some point R3 RWD Murcielago SV by Retpetty (as he is currently working on a tune which should be done in a week or two) My next planed review will be a RWD B class Nissan Fairlady Z 94 designed for speed.