Car: Nissan Fairlady Z 69

Class: B RWD

Racing Style: Circuit short-medium tracks

created by: NOZ 77

Price: 10000

Easiest way to find in storefront: tune is titled “NOZ 240Z”

notes: cool paint in same SF

Speed: 5.0
Handling: 5.9
Acceleration: 6.5
launch: 6.8

HP: 371
Torque: 302 lbs ft
Weight: 2,256 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

So for this review we are taking a look at a B class RWD 69 Fairlady Z tune

The Fairlady Z were series of sports cars manufactured by Nissan. Enthusiasts praise the cars for their looks, reliability, performance, and affordability. Nissan Z cars currently hold the record for the best selling sports car series of all time with over 2 million cars sold.

In FM3 we have access to a lot of the Nissan Z cars, from the orignal 69 Z to the almighty 370z. However like many nissans the 69 Z has access 4WD and thus is very commonly used in lobbies due to it being on par with most LB cars enough to consider it a LB car for some folk. Ive alway found the Fairlady Zs to be great cars RWD however due to how dominant 4Wd is within FM3, it was a struggle finding a reliable RWD tune for this great car

So onto the tune when glancing at its PI, the Z lacks a lot of speed at 5.0 however to make up for it its got an impressive 6.5 acceleration to make up for it. In terms of handling 5.9 isnt the highest but the car is very light and agile in FM3 and 6.1 braking is more than enough for the hardest of braking points.

On the track the Z is a blast and shares a similar role to its 4WD counterparts – a short track tuned car with low speed and immence acceleration. The cars grips hard and will enter turns well showing a decent balance of over/understeer. The car will rarely try to spin out and if it does its very easy to get it back in line. Not to much throttle control is needed for this car making it drivable without assists. Its huge acceleration is a big help for its poor top speed and gives it the edge for the first few gears even agisnt more powerful cars build for the longer tracks such as nurburgring. There isn a great deal of problems for the car. It at times may try to spin out but very easy to recover and has low top speed . It performs well on many tracks mostly short-medium tracks that commonly appear in lobbies, however since the 69 Z is very common as a 4WD LB car and lack of B class RWD hoppers, people will think its a 4WD Z. The car is has a 370z V6 engined swaped into it which results in a formidible 371 horses to the rear wheels. It will accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 150mph.

Nissan fairlady Z times
Sedona club R  – 01:11.998
Rally di positano R  – 06:10.567
Iberian full R  – 00:53.751
Camino extreme  – 02:46.991

In conclusion, I really like this car as great RWDs can be rare depending on the class. It looks cool, drives very nicely and accelerates at a monsterous rate compared to other short track tuned cars.