Car: Corvette C6 ZR1
Class: S RWD
Racing Style: long speed track
Created by: FTW Aintrite
Price: 20k
Easiest way to find in SF: search tune for the ZR1 and its 9th car down in most downloaded
Notes: The ZR1 is a VIP car and TCS is highly recommended

Speed: 9.1
Handling: 6.1
Acceleration: 7.7
Launch: 6.9
Braking: 6.1

HP: 800 hp
Torque: 715 lbs ft
Weight: 3,032bs
Drivetrain: RWD
Power RPM: 6800
Torque RPM: 4000
Redline RPM: 6800
No of gears: 6
Front weight: 52%
Car price: 100K
Tune price: 20K
Parts price: 87,920
Total: 207,920

So to kill some time I decided to write another quick review this week and in this case I will be taking a trip into the higher classes to take a look at the Corvette ZR1. Im also going to be trying out a slightly tweaked layout to the reviews

Real life info

The Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 is a high performance version of the Chevrolet Corvette C6 released in 2009. At a glance its looks like a regular Z06 with a black Roof but under the hood the engine has been modified for more power, making it the most powerful road Corvette to date. The ZR1 also features a new high-end magnetic suspension system which enables the ZR1 to deliver great handling and grip to achieve 1.10 g of average lateral acceleration. The 2009 ZR1 has won numerous awards and received a very positive review on top gear including 2009 Performance Car of the Year.

First impressions of the tune

At a glance when looking at its PI it was obvious that this tune was doing what many American sports cars do best, raw power and speed. 9.1 speed is very strong in S class however 7.7 acceleration seem somewhat lacking for a speed tuned car. Its handling and braking also appeared to be a bit on the bad side as 6.1 is pretty low and I normally only see those kind of stats on a lets say a le mans tuned car.

How does it perform?
Under the bonnet you will find that this tune is equipped with the stock V8 which has been tuned from an already impressive 638 horsepower to a frightening 800 horsepower. The tune also won’t fail to disappoint when it comes to torque as the ZR1 has a mighty 715 lbs ft at your disposal. When you start revving the engine you be greeted by the loud roar of the V8, so you’ll be thinking the ZR1 is a demon on the straights. While the ZR1 is definitely a forced to be reckoned with its is sadly outclassed quiet badly by le-mans tuned cars which was what I thought this car was tune for when I first saw the ZR1 tunes PI. The ZR1 will go from 0-60mph within 3.3s, 0-100mph in 7.1s and a top speed of 231.9mph

How does it cope on the turns?
So the ZR1 is a very powerful car but out classed in power by le mans tuned cars and RWD so where does this put it as 6.1 handling doesn’t look promising when it comes to handling. During my first testdrive I found the ZR1 to be a bit of a wild animal as it is a complete handful to keep the car straight when coming out turns. The tail came out so frequently that I thought this was tuned to be a drift car. So I decided to switch on TCS and everything came together, as the ZR1 tune transformed from a tailhappy musclecar into a grippy and much more precise racecar. With TCS on most of the grip issued are mostly resolved. There are still some moments where I would recommend some throttle control however and at high speed you can feel the car trying to break free but nothing really to unmanageable. The thing that really surprised me was how sharp the turn in was as I was able to zip through the long sweepers on Nurburgring stage A with ease. This tune has also been on a bit of a diet as the tune managed to shave off an impressive 318 lbs which probably explains the sharp turn in. I also really like the brakes as you can force a lot of pressure on them without them locking up.

Corvette ZR1 lap times

Nurburgring – #986/387,103 – 07:17.331 – The ZR1 is a blast to to drive around here just be careful with the throttle at the end to keep the car stable

Sunset Club R – #425/731.550 – 00:54.512
This is definitely where this car feels at home at least in the reverse version, in the forward version though still top 1%s I was still like a full sec behind my times on the reverse

Le mans full – #924/407,896 – 03:53.782
Not really the best track for the ZR1 tune but it felt very fine on the turns and managed to snatch a top 1k

Silver stone national – #2616/637,658 – 00:54.033
I was running out of tracks at this point mainly because I struggle to hit many good times on other speed tracks in FM3. I think I could’ve done better with this one but it still a top 1% none of the less

The Verdict
To sum it up, this ZR1 is definitely not a LB destroyer but instead is a fun car to drive as there a nice fun factor with the loud V8 and such. Without TCS is a fight for survival as the car is all over the place but with TCS is when the car comes to life . I definitely wouldn’t use this for the lobbies as the typical LB car will easily pull away from this thing. The ZR1 is also fairly cheap for an S class car and the parts are easily affordable. Despite having some flaws I do really like the car and Im hoping in FM4 the ZR1 will become a much stronger car.

Thanks for reading