Car: Mazda 2
Class: C FWD
Racing Style: Short track handling
Created by: Thom Yorko
Price: 3000
Easiest way to find in SF: search for C class tunes for the Mazda 2 and it’s at top of highest rated
Notes: The Mazda 2 is a DLC car

Speed: 5.4
Handling: 5.5
Acceleration: 5.4
Launch: 5.6
Braking: 5.6

HP: 238 hp
Torque: 214 lbs. ft.
Weight: 2,299bs
Drivetrain: FWD
Power RPM: 6400
Torque RPM: 4800
Redline RPM: 6400
No of gears: 6
Front weight: 61%
Car price: 9kK
Tune price: 3k
Parts price: 46,310
Total: 55,310

So I had originally had planned to put this up tommorow however I was bored so I wrote up tonight. I’ll be reviewing a tune which I’ve had for a while now and have used in the public lobbies numerous times, a C class front aero equipped short tracked tune Mazda 2

Real life info

So the Mazda 2, also known as the Mazda Demio is a subcompact car manufactured by Mazda introduced in 1996. It currently in its third generation where it has enjoyed great success compared to its older cousins, winning the 2008 World Car of the Year title.

First impressions of the tune

In terms of PI, I remember when I first looked at the tune, I thought it looked a bit of a mess at first with all its stats being very similar as I remember tuning a SEAT Leon for a tourney with similar stats which didn’t end well as its struggled in both its races until I changed the setup. However I did notice that the tune although a bit heavier than its stock counterpart was still a very light compared to the typical C class car and when combined with its fairly decent 5.4 acceleration and the fine grip that many FWD possess, I had a good feeling, the tune would has a lot of potential around the shorter tracks of FM3

How does it perform?

When it comes to power, the Mazda 2 tune retains its stock 4-cylinder which produces 238 horsepower, which is a fairly large 136hp increase over its stock counterpart. While 238 horses may look on the weaker side when compared to some of its rivals, when I first drove this I was really surprised by the outbreak of acceleration from this little hatch. It definitely no missile but it’s enough to give it the edge on the shorter tracks. Sadly the Mazda 2 tune suffers from the rather sluggish launch off the line that many FWDs have as its nice acceleration could have come is use of getting to the front of the pack quickly. There is a catch to the tune high acceleration and in that case it’s a lowed top speed which hurts the Mazda 2’s chances of success on the longer straights as its uphill hill climb slows down at around fifth gear onwards. The tune will go from 0-60mph within 5.5 seconds, 0-100mph within 14.7 seconds and a top speed of 156mph according to the benchmark.

How does it cope on the turns?

The turns and bends is easily the most difficult part when it comes to tuning a fast car as there are many different driving styles and many things that can go wrong. Thankfully the Mazda 2 does not fail to disappoint. The tune may have gained weight and look average at a glance but the handling of this thing is just as surprising as its acceleration. The Mazda 2 is very precise with very sharp turn in and it comes with the strong FWD grip to keep it straight. Every so often understeer will kick in but nothing really to unmanageable. However I did find the Mazda 2 quite unstable at higher speeds and the brake can lock up pretty badly however this is quite uncommon.

Mazda 2 power laps –

Iberian Full – R – #413- 00:55.185 – Quite a simple track for this tune only thing you will need to be cautious about is the long sweepers at the end as the Mazda 2 can becomes a bit unsteady.

Camino Viejo Extreme – #422 – 02:51.677 – Although I hit a decent time with the tune I wouldn’t recommend this track for this tune unless you are quite the daredevil as the chicane at the long straight and the final few turns can prove to be quite challenge with the lack of stability this tune has.

Ladera Full – #593 – 00:52.389 – Ladera is definitely this cars territory as its high acceleration and decent handling can let it easily claim victory

Fujimi Kaido – #183 – 08:23.728 – Fujimi, similar to Ladera is where you can get the most out of this tune due to the endless corners and curves. I managed to hit a 8.22 but it was uncertified all because I tapped a wall. Sad

The Verdict

In conclusion the tune is great as it is like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. The tune thanks to above average acceleration and light agile handling gives it the advantages over its rivals on the shorter tracks. However it is assured that this tune is not fit for the longer tracks with too low of a top speed and lack of stability at high speeds.

Thanks for reading