Just as we did last year, John Feinberg and William Ramos will be out for the press days of the 2012 NYIAS. John will be writing and photographing his own personal favorites, while Will will be showcasing the latest cars and press meetings via his own camera.

We expect to meet with some great figures of the auto industry, so make sure to keep following us on Twitter @TCFpodcast to get the latest updates. The Twitter updates are also viewable via the Twitter widget to the left side of this website.

Last year, we were only at the press days for the end of the days, but this year, we hope to showcase more and offer more opinions about the cars, rather than just the standard, drab facts. Short videos will also be provided on each main article we showcase.

Got anything you want to see? Any questions? Tweet us and we will answer during the press days, providing that the Wifi works this time! Drive safe everyone!

(PS: We will also be at one of the public days. Keep on the lookout for what day, as we will be offering some cool prizes to those that answer some automotive trivia questions.)