**Spoiler** This isn’t an informative article, just my experience and opinions.

Every year, NYIAS does not disappoint. This year was no different. I began the day waking up at 4:00 AM to catch the Long Island Rail Road to make sure I made the press breakfast.  My photographer and I made it to the press breakfast line after picking up our passes and had security dogs sniff our bags. After the doors opened, we picked our food and watched the awards ceremony for best advertising. Later, the CEO and President of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, gave a speech and answered some Q&A.

We first began our voyage to Ford. We picked up a Ford Connect Oval Card, which was the “press kit” of the Ford area. It was an RFID card that, when pressed against a display, saves your selection in an online database for later use. However, we could not get it to work at all. Ford disappointed again, no Mustangs in sight! I managed to have a quick chat with Leo “The Suit” Parente, a regular on Fast Lane Daily‘s Youtube Show.

Next we walked around to Honda and then onto Dodge. The press conference for the Viper was not until the afternoon, so we had plenty of time to walk around. Nissan already unveiled the Taxi of Tomorrow on a previous conference the day before, so we had to make sure we covered it ourselves. Nothing else major from them.

MOPAR had a great couple of cars displayed, as well as their great press kit. Last year, we were impressed with the MOPAR selection, and frankly, I have a sweet-spot for the blue stripe. Onward we went.

Moving on, we walked through Mini and Scion, and made our way to Porsche and VW. Porsche had a great snack array, and managed to snag a glimpse of Fast Lane Daily’s J.F. Musial walking by. Porsche had a great selection, including an old favorite, which we will discuss later on.

We headed on over to our first press conference we chose, the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG and the GL. Once there, we heard an orchestra version of the pop band Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger,” which stole the show.

BMW was next, unveiling 4 of their new cars: 6 series, X1, ActiveHybrid 5, M5 Coupe and Convertible. The i8 Concept and i3 Concept was also on scene, but no Spyder. It will not be at NYIAS at all. Moving on, we went to the Viper event.

Dodge Viper— 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque from a front/mid-mounted 8.4-liter V10 and the best power-to-weight ratio of any Viper ever built. Chassis updates are plentiful and include a beautiful X-brace up front that helps the new platform boast a 50-percent increase in rigidity over the last Viper. Cruise control is standard. (WHAT?!!) Finally, after discussing the partnership with Forza Motorsport 4, they unveiled a second Viper, the GTR-S, which was wrapped in FM4 vinyl.

Gasoline could be smelt in the air and there was a foggy residue, but we enjoyed every minute of it. After Hyundai launched 2 Santa Fe’s, they offered free lunch in a nice lunch bag. After browsing around, we went to our final conference, the Jaguar-Land Rover conference. The F-Type was revealed, and that concluded our day to an extent.

We went down to ride in the Jeep’s obstacle course (we have a video of that too). Then we went off to the first floor, where it was a ghost town. Literally five press people down there. Pretty darn creepy if you ask us. Great trucks to look at, and Ford hid their Mustangs down there. It seems like the lesser-brands were relinquished to the basement. Subaru’s booth was almost non-existent, and Mitisubishi was right behind them. DeLorean was stuck in a corner by itself. Pretty odd setup down there.

Then we headed off to the North Concourse, where Chevy and some other GM brands were hanging out. However, same with Subaru; Chevy was very lackluster. Cadillac had nothing special either, they had the same as last year. Lastly, I was able to take a look at the Terafugia before meeting up with our friend Miles Branman of Miles Per Hour blog.

Tomorrow I will be heading out as a single to meet with the Fast Lane Daily crew, and checking out some extra displays.