BMW unveiled 4 models at the New York International Auto Show, with one of them being the X1. This year’s X1 features the same as the X3, only in a smaller space. What else is there to know? Well not much, but take a look below.

Exterior: The front grille seems a little too much for the smaller X1. Take a look at the back and you might think this BMW is a hatchback rather than a crossover. That might turn some off, but it still offers some good head-clearance.

Interior: The interior of the X1 was refined for the US market. The interior is already in other areas of the world, but this is the first time it will be in North America. Basically, the controls feel much better and there is less plasticy-feeling materials around the dash. However, the door pulls were some crappy plastic, something that wasn’t too welcomed by everyone who tried them. The backseat area, although smaller than the X3, still offers a good amount of leg room for adults. 

Power: With 240 horsepower in xDrive28i form and 300 horsepower in xDrive35i form, the X1 matches the X3 for power and configuration, and will likely match or beat it on the road in terms of acceleration and dynamics. The engine is a turbocharged four cylinder engine, found in many other BMW models.

Pricing: Pricing will start at the $30,650 range, making it very appealing to many different markets of people.

Our Opinion: 30K for a BMW crossover? From what we saw, we will buy that! Until we can get our hands on a test drive model, the 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine will have to wait on performance specs. However, with less weight and a smaller package, the engine should be fine in the X1.