So, what did we all think of the 2012 New York International Auto Show? Well, our staff took a vote and put together this list:

Top 5 Best in Show

#5. Infiniti LE Concept: The Infiniti LE concept didn’t win us over with their flashy materials or press performance, rather it is simply the design and features offered in the LE. If the technology promised, such as the self-guided parking over the charging station, really works, then it seems promising. Also, seeing what this brand has to offer in the war of electric cars should be a good one. Will it fail like the Nissan Leaf? Who knows!

#4. BMW: Well, we couldn’t name one model from BMW, so we have to say that BMW did a great job of showcasing all 4 new models it brought, as well as the i8 and i3 on display. Sure, there was too much matte paint, but go figure. Everyone thinks that is sleek and cool looking these days.

#3. Dodge Dart: Dodge has a great new platform rolling out, especially the new Dart. It is a HUGE improvement over the previous Dart history and especially the craptastic Neon. Dodge is really picking things up, even Pastrana is liking them.

#2. Dodge Viper: What?! Not #1? Nope, sorry! Love the Viper and thought it was amazing, but can’t give it the #1 spot for the reason next.

#1. Chevy Impala: Yes, the Impala beat the Viper and here is why: So many car companies had elaborate concepts or shocking ways to market them. For those reading this, are you really able to afford the Viper and the cost of running it? The new Impala took the biggest leap from its predecessor, and really did it well. Everyone is a plus on this car, not really one bad thing I can say. The gas mileage is great aslo. Definitely on our test driving list, possibly even a future purchase.

Notable mentions: Dodge Ram 1500, Mercedes-Benz GL Class, and Lincoln MK-Z.

Top 5 Worst in Show

#5. Hyundai Santa Fe: Why the Santa Fe? Well, we didn’t really care for it. Nothing special except better gas mileage and also a larger variation. Plenty of other and better options on the market.

#4. Toyota Avalon: Read our review on it. We hate it, and thought that Toyota made a bad call releasing this car at this time. No one needs an overpriced and overrated luxury car from a economy-car company. Want to see it? I’m sure Hertz will be stuck with 100 of them at JFK.

#3. Volvo: Who cares what they brought, some hybrid concept. Seriously Volvo? A little late to the hybrid game here!

#2. Shelby 1000: No one really cared about the 1000 when it was released. Basically they just slapped $150,000 worth of parts on a $50,000 GT500, nothing special. Sure it is cool, but anyone can make that.

#1. Terafugia Flying Plane/Car/Crap: Would you honestly trust this thing? People like the design (it’s been out for 4 years), but that’s about it. I wouldn’t ride in that thing on land or air  for $100,000. For $1,000,00 maybe. But it looks scary and you will die in it. That’s it!