Honda has always shared a lot of its resources with the luxury brand it owns: Acura. At the 2012 NYIAS, Acura released the 2013 RLX Concept. Remember the Acura RL? Nope, no one does. That is why the RLX is replacing it. And yes, we actually like the RLX. Read more below. 

Exterior: The RLX doesn’t have any flashy or crazy design, especially for a concept car. Instead, it simply relies on good looks, and does it well. As always, we prefer American-made at TCF, but Acura has such a great design team, we had to mention it. The giant rims will unlikely be offered on the base model, but expect the LED headlights and fancy taillights to be there. On the front grille, you have the normal Acura logo and whatnot, that hasn’t changed.

Interior: Inside, the good looks continue. Acura is going for the “hey, look at my car’s awesome interior” style, and does it pretty well. Now, we don’t have any specs or pictures of the interior, but we can say that it will have TWO LCD screens! One will be for the display of navigation and media, etc… and the other screen will be touch-enabled and will be the control panel to control the climate, audio, and navigation. 

Power: There will be two options in the RLX: 3.5 liter V6, or the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD with a dual clutch 7-speed automatic transmission. The latter of the options will also be in the Acura NSX. Expect around 30 MPG highway for the hybrid version, and around 22-25 MPH highway for the V6 option. 

Our Opinion: Like we always say and always will say, American-made is our first choice. However, Acura did a swell job with the RLX. Awaiting performance specs, it seems like the Honda/Acura brand loyalty will continue with its customers, especially with the RLX. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect competition with the likes of the BMW 3 series, the Mercedes-Benz C Class, and now, the Toyota Avalon. It will be interesting to see how the two Asian car companies, Toyota and Honda, battle off on the luxury level. It seems Acura might win.