Do people actually use SUV’s for their intended purpose? Even if they don’t, Ford offers a good reason why they should! Welcome the new 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, the more powerful family member of Ford’s SUV lineup. The biggest and most welcomed addition to the Explorer is, yes we aren’t lying, the new 350 HP twin-turbocharged V6 engine with a six-speed automatic! Read more after the break.

Exterior: The Ford Explorer has changed its face in recent years, and the Explorer Sport is a little different. You will notice it does stand a little taller than the regular Explorer, as well as the new 20-inch rims. You will also find black-colored roof racks and lighter lenses on the headlights. That’s about it; the body remains the same for the most part.

Interior: The interior remains the same as the previous Explorers. Comes with Ford Sync and whatnot. Nothing major to report here.

Power: Here is the biggest improvement of the Ford Explorer. The Explorer can come with the 2.0 liter EcoBoost, as seen in the 2012 model. However, for the 2013 Explorer Sport, you are looking at a 350 HP twin-turbo V6 with a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Also, you will find a stiffer body and stiffer suspension in the new Explorer, designed for actual off-roading. Expect 22 MPG on the highway, although specific numbers have yet to be released.

Release Date: Sometime in May of 2012. Expect the price to be around $40,000.

What else is there?: Well, you could get a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 or maybe a Range Rover Evoque for that price. The SRT8 might have it beat with HP, but let’s see how the SHO engine holds up against the Dodge counterpart. However, the MPG on the Explorer beats the Grand Cherokee hands down.