MOPAR. What do those five letters stand for? Well, it is short hand for Motor Parts (MOtor PARts), part of Chrysler. But, it stands for something much more. MOPAR stands for some of the best driving machines on the planet, especially for what they cost. The 2011 MOPAR Edition Dodge Charger is a great car, and can’t believe we haven’t reviewed it before. Read the review below!

Thanks to Dodge of Port Jefferson for the review vehicle! 

Exterior: That signature black and blue-stripes are iconic of MOPAR. If you see this Charger on the road, you KNOW it is from MOPAR. Goodyear provides those great looking tires, summer tires of course. You will also find 20” forged wheels with a glossy finish. You also can find the MOPAR lettering on the front grille. Other than that, you can get a special spoiler for the rear on the Signature edition.

Interior: Nothing too much special here, except for some special MOPAR badging and colors. You will see some special parts, like custom floor mats and a pistol-grip shift knob. Also found are some MOPAR-branded items like the key fobs and such.

Performance: Yeah, we knew you’d want to get to this part. Take the control of the 5.7 liter HEMI V8 with 370 HP and 395 lb-ft of torque. You will get 0-60 in the lower five-second area, depending how you drive it and the conditions. There are some little features, like the Super Track Pak, which will help performance a bit, but it still handles like the normal Charger R/T for the most part. Some will only mind the power, as this car really isn’t meant for track-use, more of just commuting or for fun on the straights. Oh yeah….automatic 5-speeds only! WHY!!

Overall: Close to $40,000 for this Charger. You could go two ways with this: Opt for a little more cash, and get a better performing Shelby GT500. Or you could stick true to MOPAR and HEMI engines and pony up for this car. It seems that the extra colors and every other MOPAR option is definitely adding to that large sticker price.