Bullrun has always been a great gathering of fast cars and people with more money in their pocket than your bank accounts. In the past three years, Seth Rose of Exotics Rally has been on the Bull Run. Of course, we have covered Matt Farah’s expeditions and parties through the years, but never got much info out of him.

Seth’s GT-R

Seth owns Exotics Rally, which is a car club on Long Island, NY. In 2009, he set out with his co-driver and his navigator, Tony King, to Bullrun. For 2009, they only did a 3-day stint. But, in 2010. 2011 and 2012, they drove the full week…..and won the most recent 2 times. Seth was the primary driver, with Tony riding shotgun as the co-driver/nagivatior. Tony was a member of Seth’s car club and he took up Seth’s offer to join him on the Bulrun.

At first, they drove a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, but then decided to switch to Seth’s 09 Nissan GT-R for the most recent Bullruns of 2010-2012. It seems that the GT-R did the trick, to win Team Hudson/Exotics Rally the crown.

Seth explained that the Bull Run is very different from the Gumball Rally. He said, “The Bullrun is a family. At the end of the day, we all hug and shake hands and have fun.” He said this about Gumball: “Gumball is just a competition to see who has the most money and who wants to party. There is no competition in it at all.”

At Bullrun 2012, Seth and Tony were pulled over at gunpoint by police officers. Apparently, an officer on the highway clocked Seth going at 85 MPH, and was attempting to follow him. Seth exited the highway to find a gas station for his thirsty GT-R. The officer believed that Seth was trying to outrun him because he exited the freeway and did not stop. But that is all being taken care of according to Seth.

Seth and Tony broke 3 records at Bullrun. They were the first team to win 2 times consecutively, they won twice, and they won twice with the same driver/navigator combination.

Seth and Tony would like to thank their sponsor, Hudson Jeans, for sponsoring their journeys and fulfilling their dreams.

Seth’s GT-R is also for sale! You can contact him at Seth@ExoticsRally.com to talk with him about possibly buying the ’09 GT-R from him.

He also organizes the Exotics in the Square, where about 70 exotic cars meet for a “flash mob car show.” 100% of the proceeds received from the drivers are donated to various charities in the city. This year, Medicare will be receiving the donations. Each driver pays $150 to register their car. It goes from 6PM-12AM July 28th, in Times Square, NY.