556 horsepower from a supercharged V8 engine found in the Corvette ZR-1. Recaro seats that are so comfortable, you could sleep in them (not while driving of course!) And new body styling that makes the car look as mean as the power coming from the rear wheels. What does that make? The Cadillac CTS-V. I used to think that I would have only bought a Cadillac if I retired and need a car to drive to the senior center to play bingo. Was I ever wrong.The 2012 Cadillac CTS-V starts at $63.000. For the same price, or even a little more money, you could get a car with just as much luxury, or just as much performance, but not both. This car really combines the best of both worlds into one package. The big brother, the Corvette ZR-1, lends the powetrain to the CTS-V with a few detuned options.

Dark leather surrounds the interior, and everything else looks great!

These taillights look very aggressive.

Interior: The only bad thing I can say about the car is the interior. It is barely different from the regular CTS model. But that is also a good thing, considering the CTS interior is one of the best in the business. There is good leg room and headroom, considering I am 6’2”. You definitely want to pay extra for the Recaro seats, as the standard seats aren’t all that great. Other than that, the gauges, buttons, dials, and everything else looks and feels solid.

Exterior: The exterior is similar to the CTS. However, in coupe form, the CTS-V looks a lot more sporty and aggressive. The angular lines and chiseled front and rear ends look very mean and powerful. The headlights and tailights also project light very well.

Performance: For a 4,300 lbs. car, it is amazing what this coupe can do. You can transfer the supercharged 556 HP and 551 lb-ft of torque to the 6-speed manual transmission. Opt for the automatic transmission, and the shift times are quicker in sport mode. With the magnetic suspension, you can tune it to feel hard and bumpy, or soft and quiet. However, no option is going to help you forget that you are moving a huge and heavy car, and it is felt through the corners.

The detuned ZR-1 engine.

Overall: Probably one of the best vehicles I have ever driven. Easy to drive on the highway, especially with the power. However, I’d rather pick a BMW Z4 or something much smaller and with better handling if I was going through a bunch of turns in California. Definitely getting a great car for what you paid for, definitely worth it.

Check out the next article coming soon to see how it handled on the track.

-Michael Macasieb