Well, we didn’t show much of our face at the LA Auto Show due to scheduling issues, so we are a little late on the publishing. BUT, here is what we found to be our favorite releases at the show, in no particular order.

1. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series


Currently the only SLS AMG in the world.

The SLS “Gullwing” has always been a favorite car in the automotive world. It screams power and has a very unique look to it; very untamed compared to some of the other Mercedes-Benz lineup. This yellow version that debuted at LAAS is the only one in the world currently. Price? How about priceless? Mercedes isn’t parting ways with this particular model.

2. The New Ford Lineup

Wait…I thought you said car? Well, yes we did. However, with Ford at the show, we couldn’t choose one that we liked, I’m sure you couldn’t either.

We've mentioned the GT500 before, but it still looks awesome!

We’ve mentioned the GT500 before, but it still looks awesome!

The new Fiesta ST, the new Focus and Taurus, Explorer, Escape; the list keeps going. Ford really stepped up with their designing, even if they did take cues from their previous partner, Aston Martin. Good or bad, it did change Ford’s look and brand. If they can take care of their recalls, they will be doing alright.


A Beast in Blue

3. 2014 Jaguar XFR-S

The Jaguar is a mean cat, and this company holds up to that reputation with this beast. The XFR-S is a 550-horsepower machine that has a very noticeable supercharger attached to the engine. Whatever paint Jaguar is using, it also shows up much better in the booth lighting. Maybe it could have been ten jars of wax, who knows. Either way, good job Jaguar!

4. 2014 Porsche Cayman

Ferdinand Porsche knew what he was doing, true German engineering here.

Ferdinand Porsche knew what he was doing, true German engineering here.

With so many Porsche’s coming out, who can tell the difference anymore? Well, you can with the Cayman. Now, some may thought it was on a Boxster platform, but it wasn’t made so. Anything else to mention? Well, it does come with two engine options for different performance specs, and has Porsche’s amazing PDK transmission. Other than that, the styling remains almost the same, with some subtle exterior changes.

This is one Jeep we'd love to drive!

This is one Jeep we’d love to drive!

5. 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition

A Jeep made the list! Everything shown on the car is functional and works to its full potential. That winch is actually useable! The styling makes the Rubicon much more pleasing to the eyes. Jeep has been doing exterior changes recently, but nothing of that has been shown at LAAS. That might come later at NAIAS.