An updated version of the Equus has already made its debut in the automaker’s home market of Korea. Pictured below, the updates on this model include revised styling on the grille, headlights and bumpers; a new set of wheels and more LEDs.2014-hyundai-equus-facelift-first-photos-medium_1

The Hyundai Equus has been doing alright. No stats are staggering; this car seems to be hitting a certain nichè of the luxury market. The brand has always been known as the econocar you rent for cheap at the airport lot. Hyundai had to overcome that stigma and pursue a higher price-tag in order to gain entry into the same market as the lower-end Mercedes-Benz C-Class; They have done a fine job doing so.

The powertrain will remain the same, with the 5.0 liter V8, that produces 429 horsepower. All of the changes will be asthetics, mainly on the exterior of the car. In Korea, the 2014 Equus already released, showcasing new headlights, extra LED lights, and some new alloy wheels.

No price yet. Expect more to come soon.