If you need a new car, and are strapped for cash, why not just use your pet bird as a down payment? Reddit user Sloshua posted quite an interesting text message conversation. He had acquired a 1992 Nissan 300ZX from his father-in-law. When asked about the history of the 300, he said:

It’s a two-owner, garage kept, no door dings, 9/10 leather interior, etc. Since it is a somewhat desirable car that is in amazing shape, in order to gauge the interest in the car, I decided to put up a feeler ad Craigslist

1992 Nissan 300ZX

1992 Nissan 300ZX

In the ad, he was also up for trades. Well…someone offered him one. A truck and a parakeet. The truck in consideration was a 1959 Ford F100. Sloshua then replied:

I told him that it was a cool truck, but unfortunately not what I’m looking for, and thanked him for the offer. Then the bird reply. I sent “Sorry, I think my wife parrot textwould kill me, lol.”

Why was the guy getting rid of the bird? Well according to the not-so-loving owner, apparently the bird only seems to care for women. No matter how much he feeds the bird or cleans its cage, there’s no affection. Oh, and a $1500 bird cage. Now I see why the guy wants the bird to fly the coop.