In January of 2011, I started an account on Yahoo! Answers dedicated to help those in the Cars and Transportation Section. Since then, here are the Best Answers I have given:


How should I prepare my car for heavy driving?
I just scored a job with Domino’s. I don’t start until next week, so I have all weekend to get my car ready for the wearing and tearing of the pizza delivery business. Do you have any advice for how I can keep my car healthy through all the driving?

Answer: Depends on the year and mileage of the car. Just some things:

-Check oil regularly
-Check brakes regularly
-Make sure your tires aren’t overworn
-Get any squeaks or noises checked out.



Did I brake my transmission could it just be the transmission mount?

I did burnouts and donuts is what happened. The car still drives but it drives like junk now. It’s still shifting and going but it’s weak so weak I can’t even spin the wheels doing a brake stand. In park when reving the motor I can’t even get it above 3,000rpm. Reverse, neutral, park all do not engage(will not roll in nuetral I had to put my car on rollers to get it out of my garage). When I switch gears(reverse, park, neutral) the car jumps forward. My tranny dipstick is also brown.

My cars junk and needs to be restored but for now will flushing my transmission and and replacing my transmission mount do the trick and make it normal again? Or do I need to rebuild my transmission?

1994 z28 camaro. v8 lt1. 153,000 miles. All original.

My Answer: First off, nice car!

Second, the mounts would not be causing this trouble. Sounds like the synchros might have gotten striped, or even worse, the teeth on the gears. The dirty oil would also prove this. Put new oil in the transmission, and when you drain it, use a magnet to remove any metal that might be in the dirty oil to see if I am right. If so, then yes, you would need a rebuild.


Would changing the serpentine belt cause battery or altenator to be low? I had a new water pump and serpentine and a/c belt replaced 10 days ago.. 2 days after that the battery was dead.. got a jump and thought it was just a fluke or left a light on. Three days later battery dead again. Jumped and was ok for two days. Today car turns over but wont start.  Is there any way possible that replacing a water pump and the belts would or could cause damage to battery or alternator.

( i did take and have battery tested and alternator both tested good.. however batter meter today is low) I find it very suspicious that battery giving out a day after got the water pump and belts replaced.. please help. I do not know rather to go get a new battery or have towed to shop who did the water pump and tell them this looks to their error.

My Answer: Water pump no. But the belt, especially a sepertine belt, might. Are you driving this car for a time and then the next time you get in, it is dead? Hmm…. this is a tricky one. I suggest that if you are parking on a hill and you are low on gas, it could be the gas is not getting to the engine because the fuel pump cannot reach the gas.


My ford fiesta is using ALOT of fuel? What could be wrong?

My Answer: I bet 2 or 3 things could be wrong:

1. The O2 sensor is getting foul readings from the exhaust, pumping more fuel into your engine. It could be the sensor has become too sensitive and is giving the ECU false readings.

2. Possible leak? Sounds odd I know, but if you start smelling gas from inside or outside your car, there you go.

3. Spark timing is off. If this is the case, it would mean the ECU has some issue and is firing the cylinders too quickly, causing the engine to use more fuel.

If you car’s engine is more loud than normal or is a little more quick, then option 3 seems right. Most likely option 1, especially on an older car, or if your muffler has had some damage recently.


What are the four strokes of an internal combustion engine and what are their functions? Please help! I really need to answer this question so i can write it in my essay: What are the four strokes of an internal combustion engine and what are their functions? Thanks ! 😀

My Answer:  Intake, Compression, Combustion, Exhaust.   Intake: takes in the air and gas.   Compression: Compresses the air and gas into a mixed gas.  Combustion: Spark plugs ignite the mixture.  Exhaust: The remaining gases exit the chamber.


Clicking noise from engine? Today when I was driving my 1998 Honda Civic, I was stopped at a light and my engine started making a clicking noise like “click click click”. When I accelerated it stopped and it didn’t make the noise again. I drove it again later and it didn’t make the noise at all. What is this and is it expensive to fix? The oil is up to the max line.

My Answer: The clicking noise could be from some malfunctioning spark plugs trying to fire when they are out of timing. You would just need to take it into a shop for them to test it. Maybe a $50-$75 fix.


What should i do with my car? i have a 2002 Mercedes c230 2 Dr it has engine blow by that it splashes oil not a lot but oil drops everywhere when you open the oil cap, is this normal for this engine?and just a lot of problems wish i never bought this car… thrust arm bushings replaced, right door lock doesn’t lock, water pump replaced, panorama roof stuck doesn’t open, battery loses charge… do you think i should try selling it? and for how much? or carmax gives me $4000 for it should i just take it to them? also why so many problems with this car??? my friend she bought a 2002 Camry and no problems with it?? i thought Mercedes was more reliable?! anyways your thoughts on what i should do with the car. thanks. oh and what if i take it to carmax sell it to them and when they try turning it on it dies lol will they want there money back or sue becuase the battery drains, not right away when you turn it off but maybe like 10 minutes and then it wont start

My Answer: Mercedes has been rated as least reliable among luxury cars, Camry’s are amazing with reliability.   I recommend selling it, but you won’t get much. But it will be cost effective to sell rather than to fix the problems.


Can anyone help with this car sound? My lexus es300 has been making this weird winding sound as i accelerate.. could it be the timing belt? heres the video… can you hear that winding, buzzing, noise when i accelerate? its coming from the passenger side of the car

My Answer: Just so I know, the clacking is nothing right?   The buzzing noise just might be a squeaky timing belt, very easy to fix. Just add some lube to stop that, or get a new one or retention it.